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November 15, 2012

What a Shitty Picture!

J9z7urBHL6pUPupcW6E4CQoO.jpgI really appreciate the dedication of dog owners who diligently pick up after their dogs.
But why would you bother to pick up your dog's shit, put it in a little plastic bag, and then just toss the bag on the ground?!?!?
Do you feel better about doing this when someone else has already left their shit behind, kind of like jumping on the bandwagon, blending in with the crowd or follow the leader?
Now I did notice that there was at one time a garbage can at this location. This was probably very convenient. Since the city has removed those cans for the winter, did they also give all the dog owners permission to leave their crap on the ground until the cans are returned to this location?
Well I don't give you permission to leave your garbage in my neighbourhood park! The most important part of the Stoop and Scoop bylaw is take your shit home to dispose of it!